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Copernican armillary sphere

Object from: British Library on Flickr Commons.

Date: 1807-46  Place: Paris  (Accession num: 1982-967/2)

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astronomy, sphere, photograph, Copernicus, model, astronomy, sun, earth, planets, Poland, brass, golden, black background, copernicus, sphere, planets

Headline: Heliocentric spherical astrolabe

Summary: 470 mm (dia.) 285 mm, weighs 1kg, made in Paris in the first half of the nineteenth century. This armillary sphere demonstrates the theory advanced by Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543), which places the sun at the centre of the universe. It serves as a model for celestial bodies, with the sun travelling along the central rod, surrounded by the planets. The quartered vertical rings represent the division of the seasons, the central horizontal ring shows the sun's path through the zodiac. Recent discoveries of the early c19th including the asteroids Ceres and Vesta are included in the model, enabling us to date it. Given the fine quality of this item, it is likely that this armillary sphere (spherical astrolabe) served a decorative as well as didactic purpose. It was made by Delamarche.
Source: wikipedia, science museum website

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