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Japanese shakudo metal (kara-shishi) tsuba with Chinese lion design by Nanjo nobu Mitsu

Tsuba, Chinese lion design (karashishi), shakudo metal / silver / gilt, made by Nanjo nobu Mitsu, late Edo style, Japan, late 19th century A circular tsuba made of shakudo (alloy of copper and gold) metal, silver and gilt, with a reddish brown surface colour. There is a central triangular hole with a bean shaped hole flanked to one side. The tsuba is decorated with an elaborate Chinese lion design (kara-shishi) on the front and some foliage on the back.

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(Accession num: A5308-39)

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japanese, Japan, decoration, ornament, accessory, horticultural, organic, hole, metal, brown, leaf, sword, metal, japanese, handle, decorative, lion, chinese, old, brown, decorative, circular, pretty, JADE, JAPANESE, SHAKUDO, FLOWER, BROWN

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